• Ryan Sheehan

Youngsters to take centre stage this Sunday

Our City Under 17s managed by Jamshad Khan are set to play at The Rivermoor this Sunday.

Our under-17s who compete in the Premier Division of the Peter Houseman Youth League will take centre stage this Sunday as they host league leaders Woolton Hill Argyle U17.

Our youngsters usually play their home games at Rivers, however as the team have been a part of the city family for a number of years now, as well as recently reaching a cup final, we've invited them to take centre stage in recognition of their hard work but also the hard work of manager Jamshad Khan.

Club treasurer Victoria Pyke had this to say following us inviting our under 17s to play on the hallowed turf here at the Rivermoor:

"Jamshad's team have been with us for four to five years, he's a great manager who always collects players fees on time. Unfortunately we don't see much of him and therefore would like to include him more. His youngsters have also reached a cup final so we wanted to reward Jamshad and his youngsters for their hard work by inviting them to play here at the Rivermoor".

Our youngsters are really looking forward to playing on the hallowed turf at the Rivermoor and would really appreciate your support. The Rivermoor will open at 12:30 ahead of the 13:30 Kick-Off and there is no admission fee.

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