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Simon Johnson shows his support for Reading-based charity.

First Team Manager Simon Johnson has been taking part in a gruelling challenge this weekend to run 4 miles, every four hours for 48 hours. He is doing this in support of the Reading-based charity Sport in Mind.

First Team Manager Simon Johnson (Right) with his friend Barney (Left) on run 8/12 in their challenge.

Sport in Mind is an award-winning, Reading-based, charity that promotes good mental health through sport and exercise. They help people who have suffered poor mental health to use sport as a means of feeling better about themselves and improve their mental health.

Their work has seen them grow dramatically as they work with the NHS to offer therapeutic ways of improving mental health. Their aim is to continue to expand so that their message can go as far as possible and help as many people as possible.

The effects of lockdown have had a huge impact on people's mental health, so this is a very appropriate cause for Simon Johnson to support at this present time and with the club's ethos to provide a community club that the people of Reading can be proud of we're proud that Simon has chosen to support a local charity.

Simon Johnson wrote on his JustGiving page about why he's completing this challenge and here's what he had to say:

"In 2020 during the national lockdown, I started to go on a few runs like the majority of people! I found that this has really mentally helped me to stay strong, during what is a tough time for a lot of people.
“I was shown this challenge by my friend Barney, who is also completing it. After much deliberation, I decided to do it, although it will be a massive challenge, and my body will certainly not thank me for it after many a running challenge already in the last year!”
Johnson will start the challenge on the 5th March through to the 7th March and said: “Any Lucozade’s are most welcome to help me get through the challenge, and if you want to join me for one of my runs then you are more than welcome! Just let me know.”

So far Simon Johnson has raised a whopping £1,300 for charity and there's still time to donate via his official JustGiving page.

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