Reading City Youngster Supporting the Little Princess Trust

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Reading City Football Club are very proud of Carys who is the only girl in our youth setup as she is bravely having her hair cut by half to support the Little Princess Trust and put a "big smile on the face of other youngsters".

Carys who is nearly 13 has bravely taken the decision to cut off some of her rapunzel hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust, a charity which makes wigs for children and young people (Under 24) who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment, or other illness which causes hair loss, this will be Carys' first haircut as it's been her choice to not have any of it cut since she was born.

Carys has said:

"I want to cut my hair because I have a lot of it, as many people know. Some girls and boys my age, older & younger don’t have hair due to the treatment of cancer and other medical conditions. I’m hoping my hair will help someone have the hair they have dreamed of, and brings a big smile to their face"

Carys has been wanting to do this for months and locally based Headcase Hairdressers in Tilehurst is doing the deed on Wednesday. Carys has already hit her initial fundraising target of £150, which is a third of the cost of making a wig, so every penny counts.

You can donate online, via Carys' official justgiving page -

Reading City's media and public relations manager Ryan Sheehan had this to say:

"Everyone at Reading City Football Club is extremely proud of Carys for making the brave decision to have her half of her hair cut off to help other youngsters who have lost their hair due to treatment for cancer and other medical conditions, It's great that she wants help put a smile on their face and I hope that she raises as much money as possible for such a fantastic cause".

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