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FIXTURE NEWS | Emirates FA Cup Preliminary Round tie against Moneyfields

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

The Citizens will now make the journey to Portsmouth rather than welcoming our visitors from the South Coast to The Rivermoor following a ruling by the Football Association.

Reading City Football Club are deeply disappointed by the decision that our Emirates FA Cup Preliminary Round clash against Moneyfields has now been changed to an Away fixture after Moneyfields contacted the Football Association regarding the fact we were looking for an alternative venue.

As a result of Reading Festival taking place this weekend, we are unable to host this game at our home, The Rivermoor as there is a condition in our lease, that Festival Republic who organise the annual music festival have control of the land during the festival period so we were therefore unable to use our home The Rivermoor to host this fixture.

Chairman Martin Law and fellow directors worked tirelessly to find the citizens an alternative venue and we'd like to thank Henley Town for offering the use of their facilities, however against the spirit of the Emirates FA Cup Moneyfields ensured that this decision to play at an alternative venue was taken out of our hands rather than supporting us, quoting FA rules that we were out of time to find an alternative venue and therefore the fixture is moved to their stadium.

A Reading City Football Club Spokesman said:

" We deeply regret the decision taken by Moneyfields to contact the Football Association, it's actions like these which are killing the game we all know and love.
As a club we have been trying all week to gain and alternative venue, however Moneyfields haven't shown us any support and instead informed us that they would not play on a 3G surface, limiting our options of finding an alternative venue, once we did secure a venue with a grass pitch we were informed of the decision as per their contact with the Football Association that we are out of time and that the fixture would be played at Moneyfields.
This is totally against the spirit of the Emirates FA Cup".

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