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City Celebrates Youth Sections Achievements

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

On Saturday 29th June club officials, senior squad players, parents and members of our youth section gathered to celebrate the achievements of our 19 youth teams.

Reading City Football Club's Youth Section is made up of 19 teams from the Development Centre which starts at 4 years old to our Under 23s, collectively they've had a terrific season and on Saturday 29th June club officials, senior squad players, parents and members of our youth section gathered at The Rivermoor to celebrate their achievements at our annual presentation day which was kindly sponsored by Parkers Reading.

As The Rivermoor basked in sunshine coaches, parents & youngsters were able to unwind after a season of hard work, both children and adults enjoyed the fun and games on offer which included a water slide and bouncy castle.

Whilst the fun and games took place outside, club officials, parents and players gathered in the clubhouse as our youth coaches took turns to reflect on their side's achievements in our inaugural year as Reading City before presenting their awards.

Reading City Football Club's Media and Public Relations Manager Ryan Sheehan had this to say following Saturday's event:

"Everyone at Reading City Football Club is truly grateful for the continued support for the club shown by Craig Pearson and his team at Parkers Reading who generously sponsored our 2018/19 awards.
Craig who is a Director of Reading City Football Club and manages the Under 10s within our youth section along with everyone at Parkers Reading helped ensure a good day was had by all and we can't thank them enough.
It was great to see all sections of the club come together, from those aged 4 and up who attend our development to members of our senior squad who came to show their support to the youth section, here at Reading City we are very much one club and the youngsters love seeing the senior team around as they look up to them and one day will hopefully be in the first team themselves.
Congratulations to everyone, regardless of whether or not you were rewarded, ever single player can be proud of their efforts this season as the youth section have had some fantastic achievements".

As the players presentations came to a close, the attention turned to the amazing people behind the scenes who had done a fantastic job in organising our event but also worked tirelessly behind the scenes all season to ensure our large youth section runs efficiently carrying out tasks such as booking the pitches to play on and ensuring all the players are registered, etc as well as taking time out to be members of our club's social committee which helps to ensure much needed funds are raised for the club as a whole through fundraising and organises events like our Youth Section Presentation Day.

Members of our Social Committee recognised for their contribution to the club and their efforts in making this years Youth Presentation Day a success.

Amongst those recognised for their hard work was Club Treasurer Vicki Pyke, Club Chairman Martin Laws presented Vicki with her award on behalf of the board who wanted to recognise her for working tirelessly throughout the season.

Club Treasurer Vicki Pyke with Club Chairman Martin Laws

Media and Public Relations Manager Ryan Sheehan had this to say:

"Vicki is an amazing member of the team at Reading City Football Club and we don't know what we'd do without her, she puts 110% effort in to everything and enjoys being part of the family here at Reading City Football Club and ensures everyone knows what they need to do meaning we run efficiently as possible.
What's amazing the most is too see an amazing group of women rewarded for their efforts in helping a football club run efficiently, football may still be judged by many as predominantly a man's sport but this will hopefully help change that attitude, as it shows that football is now open for all and that Reading City Football welcomes everyone to be involved".

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