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Chairman Martin Law recognised for his outstanding contribution to local football.

Often an unsung hero as we never really see the life of the chairman, which is a 24/7 job behind the scenes, Martin Law receives well-deserved recognition for his contribution to local football which started in 1990.

On Friday night the annual Berkshire Football Awards organised by Football in Berkshire and supported by PlaySport took place virtually on twitter, sadly due to the global Covid-19 pandemic there was no award ceremony this year.

Like other club personnel and the club itself our Chairman Martin Law who also serves as the Chairman of the Thames Valley Premier League and a Councillor on the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Football Association's Council was nominated for an award, Martin was nominated for the outstanding contribution to local football award as he has given 30 years to local non-league football.

Martin took on the role of manager at AFC Highmoor in 1990 after now club secretary Chris Gallimore took over the club and this would begin the journey to where we are today as Reading City Football Club.

Martin was nominated for the award by Club Treasurer and Facilities Manager Victoria Pyke, in her nomination she described Martin as "a master of all areas within local football”. Victoria also added that “this is Martin's 30th year, managing football, and he is still working every possible hour to ensure the ‘cogs are running’ smoothly".

Upon the announcement that he had been recognised for his contribution to local football, Chairman Martin Law took to twitter to thank those who had believed in him for over the last 30 years and said that the award was for them.

“I am just one person who tries to make the right decisions for the club, and anything I am involved in. Although without the people and their support, there would be no club, so this is not just for me but for those who have trusted and believed in me over the years”.

If you’d like to know more about Martin’s journey through non-league football over the last 30 years then check out the Football in Berkshire podcast from a few months ago, where he talked about how the club got to where it is today.

Everyone at Reading City Football Club would like to congratulate Martin Law on this well-deserved award recognising his achievements over the last 30 years. Martin is often the unsung hero, as we never really see the life of the chairman, which is a 24/7 job behind the scenes. Congratulations on your achievements to date and we hope you enjoy many more years in local football.

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